Day 80: Kilsyth to Drymen (20.88m)

Up and early out of Kilsyth on the long Glasgow Road tramping along to Queenzieburn.

2017-08-13 09.39.28.jpg

Walking in the flat bottom of a North Lanarkshire valley.

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2017-08-13 10.50.28.jpg

At Milton of Campsie I pass through the old station (now a garden) and join a path along a decommissioned railway track.

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The path breaks through woods, occasionally along fields and playing fields and over rivers, skirting Lennoxtown. I'm at the foot of the Campsie Fells - rising up to my North.

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On the path to Strathblane I'm at the foot of the Campsie Fells - rising up to my North.

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Having grabbed some food in Strathblane I follow a road called Ballochalary Yett - Yett in Scots is a gate and it seems that the name originally referred to an actual gate but has now been misapplied to the whole road. At Carbeth Loch I join the West Highland Way - a path I'll be following for roughly the next week.

2017-08-13 15.02.59.jpg

The valley is open below me and follow the way into the bottom.

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Reaching my camspite - a mile short of Drymen - I stare up at the sky not knowing that it was the last bit of blue that i would see for days.

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