Day 82: Inversnaid to Inverarnan (7.81m)

I wander back down to the Loch from my hostel - the clouds have partially lifted and this morning I can see over to the west side of the water.

2017-08-15 10.10.27.jpg
2017-08-15 10.12.42.jpg

I stumble across a black Inversnaid goat in the grass. Although descendants of domestic goats they are now truly wild, and are said to have protection from Robert the Bruce after they lay down in the entrance to his cave, saving him from searching English troops.

2017-08-15 10.22.35.jpg

Along the Loch continues to be clambering over grey rocks, flanked by green moss boulders. I'm soon joined by some walking companions with stretches of walking through tall ferns.

2017-08-15 10.49.45.jpg
2017-08-15 11.42.57.jpg
2017-08-15 12.00.25.jpg
2017-08-15 12.24.54.jpg

Breaking away from the trees brings a brief break in the clouds. And then a downpour and a run to the shelter of the bothy.

2017-08-15 12.45.30.jpg
2017-08-15 13.05.29.jpg
2017-08-15 13.11.17.jpg

Rains stops and the sun shines and I head on. Reaching Inverarnan for the night after a brutal walk along the whole of Loch Lomond.

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2017-08-15 13.40.34.jpg
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