DAY 21: Midsomer Norton to Bath (14.11m)

I had planned a route taking me across country and up and down hills today. However just before I set off I notice the cycle-path which goes directly from Midsomer Norton into Bath and go with that.

It's easy walking along the cycle-path and then I reach Combe Down tunnel - which I hadn't noticed before on the map. This is the longest cycling (and I think walking) tunnel in the UK - at just over a mile long. Walking through is fantastic experience (if a little creppy). The light is set low so it is really quite dark.

After about five minutes of walking through the gloom of the tunnel I swear I start to hear the faint sound of classical music which just makes the experience even stranger. The music is coming from an installation by a group called United Visual Artists which features "sentinels" resembling traditional locomotive reflector lamps which are set into the walls.

Having emerged from the tunnel after twenty minutes I leave the cycle-path and cross through a small patch of woodland. Up a flight of steps I emerge into the city of Bath. One of the strangest ways to enter a city.

Walk across the city and then I'm with my friends James & Chrissy for a couple of nights.