DAY 18: North Petherton to Street (19.12m)

I cross the great tarmac sliver of the M5 and then onto the Somerset Levels for the first time.

As I pick my way across the levels I head towards the only high point for miles - Burrow Mump (a tautology, Burrow Mump means Hill Hill).

There are some good views from the ruins of St Michael's Church on top of the Mump.

I have to admit I don't particularly enjoy this day walking across the levels. All of the drainage ditches means it is hard to go directly from A to B and I have resort to picking my way along some pretty busy roads. I had been warned about the footpaths in advance. Somerset farmers don't always seem to pay the highest regard to public rights of way. Footpaths that tail off into dead-ends or are blocked by barbed wire or padlocked gates that you have to climb over. On top of this the landscape is just too flat for me; rain is threatening all day; and my walk is accompanied by the regular sound of gunfire from the nearby firing range.

I'm glad to arrive in Street at the end of the day.